About Us

Grandmalt is produced by Nile Breweries in Uganda, the largest beverage producer with a range of recognized global brands.

The superior quality of Grandmalt® is achieved by a combination of traditional brewing skills and the use of modern technologies.  

Marketing and distribution of the Grandmalt® brand in Uganda is conducted by Grandmalt® Limited, a Nile Breweries subsidiary.


Grandmalt® wants to be a part of your healthy lifestyle in the region. It is important that you eat a varied and well-balanced diet, get enough vitamins and minerals, and do regular physical exercise to maintain good health throughout your life.

 Physical activity and good natural nutrition are key factors in leading a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk of chronic illnesses.


Drink a Grandmalt® after your exercise. The high content of carbohydrate and vitamin B Complex help your body to restore, build up your energy level and improve your performance.

 When you ask people there are many good reasons for doing regular exercise. We have listed ten of them below:

 1. Improves your health

 2. Reduces stress

 3. Improves your sex life

 4. Builds energy

 5. Brings creativity

 6. Burns fat

 7. Balances your body and mind

 8. Builds stronger muscles

 9. Puts you in a better mood

 10. Makes you sleep better